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All The People Said Amen

Lyrics Of The Song All The People Said Amen

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c you are not al g one d if you are em lonely c when you feel g afrai d d youre n em ot the only c we are all the g same d in need o em f mercy am to be forgi em7 ven and be d free its am all you got to em7 lean on but d thank God its all you need g and all the peop d le said ame g n woah a c nd all the peopl g e said a d men give c thanks to the lo g rd for his love b never e em nds c and all the peopl d e said c am g en c g c if youre rich g or p d oor well i em t dont matter c weak or strong g you d know love em is what were after c were all brok g en b d ut were al em l in this together am God knows w em7 e stumble a d nd fall and h am e so loved the em7 world he se d nt his son to save us all c g d g blessed are the poor in spirit who are torn apart c g d g blessed are the persecuted and the pure in heart c g d em blessed are the people hungry for another start am d for this is the kingdom the kingdom of God

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