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if theres anybody here whos found him faithful anybody here who knows hes able say amen if theres anybody here whos seen his power anybody here brought through the fire say amen anybody here found joy in middle of sorrow peace in the storm hope for tomorrow and seen time and time again then just say amen this life is a journey we walk by faith and there will always be the mountains in our way but right here in this moment may our strength be renewed as we recall what God has done and how weve seen him move sometimes through the darkness its hard to see so just be brave and follow where he leads cause greater is the one whos in us than he whos in the world so child of God remember the battle is the Lords even in the valley of the shadow when you feel alone in the unknown just say amen just say amen oh even when the storms are raging stand and know your not forsaken just say amen just say amen is there anybody here tell me is there anybody here come on and say amen

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