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Built on the Rock

Lyrics Of The Song Built on the Rock

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built on the rock the church doth stand even when steeples are falling crumbled have spires in every land bells still are chiming and calling calling the young and old to rest but above all the soul distressed longing for rest everlasting surely in temples made with hands God the most high is not dwelling high above earth his temple stands all earthly temples excelling yet he whom heavns cannot contain chose to abide on earth with men built in our bodies his temple we are Gods house of living stones built for his own habitation he through baptismal grace us owns heirs of his wondrous salvation were we but two his name to tell yet he would deign with us to dwell with all his grace and his favor now we may gather with our king evn in the lowliest dwelling praises to him we there may bring his wondrous mercy foretelling Jesus his grace to us accords spirit and life are all his words his truth doth hallow the temple still we our earthly temples rear that we may herald his praises they are the homes where he draws near and little children embraces beautiful things in them are said God there with us his covnant made making us heirs of his kingdom here stands the font before our eyes telling how God did receive us the altar recalls christs sacrifice and what his table doth give us here sounds the word that doth proclaim christ yesterday today the same yea and for aye our redeemer grant then o God whereer men roam that when the church bells are ringing many in saving faith may come where christ his message is bringing i know mine own mine own know me ye not the world my face shall see my peace i leave with you

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