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The Old Account

Lyrics Of The Song The Old Account

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there was a time on earth when in the book of heaven an old account was standing for sins yet un forgiven my name was at the top and many things below i went unto the keeper and settled long ago long ago long ago yes the old account was settled long ago and the records clear today for he washed my sins away when the old account was settled long ago the old account was large and growing every day for i was always sinning and never tried to pay but when i looked ahead and saw such pain and woe i said that i would settle i settled long ago when at the judgment bar i stand before my king and he the book will open he cannot find a thing then will my heart be glad while tears of joy will flow because i had it settled and settled long ago when in that happy home my saviors home above ill sing redemptions story and praise him for his love ill not forget that book with pages white as snow because i came and settled and settled long ago o sinner seek the Lord repent of all your sin for thus he hath commanded if you would enter in and then if you should live a hundred years below up there youll not regret it you settled long ago

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